Wednesday, 24 July 2024


Sunday Worship - 9:00 am

Sunday School - 10:30 am


Established May 2009, Little Rock, AR

About Us

Here's what we would like you to know about New Millennium...

  • "People, People, People! People loving, hurting, working, walking, struggling, living..."

  • "We want to reach out to the unchurched so they can become part of God's family."

  • "You can see from the pictures that God is real."

  • "You can get direction… what God’s plan is and how to live it."

  • "Come to New Millennium to experience the love of God and the joy of serving Christ."

  • "If you’re all about doing the will of God and being happy in doing so, you’ll love New Millennium!"

  • "O, come and taste that the Lord is good."

  • "The Bible is taught and God’s love is spread."

  • "New Millennium, the place where you will get more of Jesus in the midst of a loving fellowhip..."

  • "Here at New Millennium we are encouraged to serve in our community where and whenever needed and to endeavor to love our neighbors as we love ourselves."

  • "At New Millennium you can learn, you can grow, and you can serve!"

  • "New Millennium feels like home. Here I am welcomed, stretched, challenged, and affirmed."

  • "When I came to New Millennium it felt like the prodigal son returning home. The love of Jesus is truly in this place. NMC really welcomes all persons in God's love together."

  • "Michael: You will really enjoy the word of God at New Millennium.
    Gracie: You can truly feel God's love at New Millennium."